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What is the cost?
Adults: $45, Students (13-17 yrs. or University Student with valid ID): $35, Children (12 yrs. and under): $25. We accept payment in colons, dollars, traveler's checks (with passport), VISA and MasterCard.

How do I make reservations?
You may pay online by clicking "book now" after the location description or call us at (506) 645-5243 or (506) 291-4465 (e-mail: info@canopytour.com).

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing you don't mind getting a little dirty. Most of our clients do the tour in shorts, T-shirt and running shoes. Long pants are fine, but skirts or dresses are not. Closed-toe shoes are recommended however strap-on sandals are acceptable. You may not do the tour in bare feet. During the rainy season (May -November) lightweight rain gear is recommended.

What should I take?
The only thing you really need is your camera. You may carry a camera bag, small backpack or fanny pack if you wish, however anything you take with you must be carried by you throughout the entire tour in a way that leaves both hands free. We are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property and we cannot recover items that are dropped from the tour elements.

How should I prepare?
Dress appropriately and arrive at the tour start area at least 20 minutes prior to the tour starting time. There we will complete some paperwork, outfit you with equipment and then escort you to the tour entrance. Please do not partake of any alcoholic beverages prior to the tour. Intoxicated persons may not participate. Note that once you have equipment on you may not re-apply insect repellent or smoke cigarettes so if you wish to do either, please do so prior to putting on the equipment.

Does the tour run in the rain?
Yes, the tour operates in all weather conditions except when there is lightning overhead.

Will I see wildlife?
This of course depends on the wildlife. The sharp-eyed observer may spot countless species of flora and fauna from the tour elements.

How does the tour impact the environment?
Naturally an activity such as this has an impact on the ecosystem in which it is located, however we take great care to minimize that impact:
•Tour systems are limited to small portions of the forest.
•Ground activities are minimized to reduce erosion.
•Use of environmentally friendly construction techniques. We never put nails in trees!
•Vegetation that disrupts operations is tied back rather than cut or pulled up. Handling or harming wildlife in tour areas is prohibited.

If I don't want to do the tour can I watch?
Unfortunately there is no place from which you may observe the tour; those who do not participate must wait in the reception area or take part in other activities in the area.

Do I have to be very strong to do the tour?
No, the tour is not especially demanding physically. People in their 80's regularly participate without difficulty. Individuals with health concerns, disabilities, back, neck or shoulder problems, or those who are pregnant should speak to the tour management prior to booking. This tour is not recommended for persons with heart trouble, seizure disorders, asthma, balance problems or beyond the first trimester of pregnancy.

Minimum Physical Requirements to Participate in the Tour:
•Ability to walk 15 - 30 minutes uphill and up steps.
•Sufficient mobility and strength to climb a 20-foot ladder straight up.
•Must fit in the harness and helmet in a safe manner as determined by the CSO (head of tour personnel). This is a function of body shape and size, not weight. If you have concerns around this issue contact the tour management prior to booking. Weight limit: 120 kilograms (264 pounds).

What if I'm afraid of heights?
Fear of heights is normal and most participants have some anxiety in the beginning. Some people may find the tour a bit scary overall, but everyone finds it rewarding and is glad to have experienced it. Our personnel are especially trained to help you both physically and emotionally. We never push, but if you have the desire and courage to take the first step, we'll support you all the way.

Minimum "Mental" Requirements to Participate:
•Desire to experience the wonders of the forest.
•Courage and faith to trust the equipment and personnel.
•Ability to stand on a platform (about 3' X 3' square), 5 "stories" up, without hyperventilating, vomiting or fainting.
•Ability to understand directions and follow safety rules.

Can children participate?
Certainly, children age 5 and up may participate. A parent or guardian must accompany youngsters age 12 and under. Small children will ride with a member of the personnel. Sorry, there is no childcare available.

Is it safe?
Definitely! We have the best safety record in the industry. Our safety policy consists of three parts:

1. Equipment and Materials
•Use all appropriate safety equipment.
•Use top-quality equipment and materials made by reputable, well-established manufacturers. And follow all manufacturers' recommendations for the use and care.
•Maintain a rigorous and documented inspection and maintenance program.
•Only qualified personnel handle equipment.

2. Techniques
•Use internationally recognized high-angle safety rules and techniques appropriate for The ORIGINAL CANOPY TOUR operations
•Participants are connected to the fall-arrest system at all times when 2 meters or more above the ground.
•Participants are under the care and control of qualified personal at all times.

3. Personnel
•The ORIGINAL CANOPY TOUR personnel receive more than 200 hours of formal training in safety and operations as well as a basic first aid course.
•The personnel are prohibited from performing their duties at height if unfit for any reason (exhaustion, illness or injury, alcohol or drug use).
•Bilingual personnel or translators explain safety rules and procedures.

In spite of all that we do to ensure your safety, it is natural in an activity such as this that we cannot predict nor completely eliminate all the potential risks. During normal tour operations participants may receive minor injuries such as cuts and bruises, muscle strains, small friction burns or insect bites. Although serious accidents are highly unlikely, there is the potential for life-threatening injury on the tour. All participants must sign a waiver prior to doing the tour and are at their own risk and responsibility. We have a Civil Responsibility insurance policy and separate medical coverage. If you would like more information regarding these policies, please ask the Management.

Do you have other tours? Yes, The ORIGINAL CANOPY TOUR operates throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean. Call our head office at (506) 291-4465 (e-mail: "info@canopytour.com) or see our web page at fanchise info for information.
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